Here is where you will find everything you've ever wanted to know (and more) about Sports Lit - Spring 2008


Important Links: Syllabus  Schedule  Grammar Expectations  Rubric  Sample response

- everything you need to know about this project.

For Monday, May 12
- Finish the book and write a response on the larger themes of this book that surround race, challenges, etc.

For Thursday, May 8
- Read 16 +17 for a quiz

For Monday, May 5
- Read Chapters 13 + 14

For Thursday, May 1
- Read Chapters 10 + 11. Write a response on the team traveling or a topic of your choice.

For Wednesday, April 30
- Read Chapters 8 + 9.

For Tuesday, April 29
- Prepare for a discussion lead by Tyler and a player to be named later.  Use information from "Dave and Diane" and "First Scrimmage."  Tie these ideas to the challenges faced by people in Fort Yukon.

For Monday, April 28
- Prepare for a quiz on "Dave and Diane"

For Friday, April 25
- Read "Matt", "Paul", "First Practice", and "School" in Eagle Blue. Write a response about the challenges the people in Fort Yukon face.  Prepare to have a discussion with Ms. Rich on Friday.

For Wednesday, April 23
- Prepare for a short quiz on the prologue and "Dave" chapter in Eagle Blue

For Tuesday, April 22
- Prepare a discussion question on Chapter 13 "Heads or Tails."  Also read the afterward and epilogue.

For Monday, April 21
- Write a reading response that incorporates the three chapters you read and the movie. What themes are included in both? What is missing?

Thursday and Friday
- Movie: Friday Night Lights. During the remaining time on Friday you can begin reading the following for homework: "School Days", "East versus West", and "Friday Night Politics."

For Wednesday, April 9 - Read "The Ambivalence of Ivory." Prepare a question for discussion.

For Tuesday, April 8
- Read "The Courage of Lee Elder." Prepare for a role play involving characters we have encounter so far in this unit

For Monday, April 7
- Read "Black and White."  Write a reading response that connects with one or more of our racial themes.

For Wednesday, April 2
- Read "Odessa." Write a reading response about how what went on in Odessa through the 1980s compares to issues raised in Obama's speech.  You also might want to add what this has to do with high school football. Obama Speech

For Friday, March 28
- Debate: "Should NCAA basketball players be paid?" NCAA rules  Deford Commentary  Assignment Sheet

For Monday, March 24
- revised second draft of Response to Literature.  Up to 25 points available if changes were made and suggestions were taken.

For Monday, March 17
- write a response on the Lenny Dykstra articles.  Respond to one of the following prompts: What does this project say about society? What does this project say about money? What does this project say about sports?
Please write your response on your template (see instructions below under 2/28).

For Friday, March 14
- Write a 4-5 page response to literature that discusses the role of performance-enhancing drugs in modern sports.  Use evidence from any and all of the sources we have used in this unit.  Expectations  Rubric *You will be assessed a 10% penalty for every school day your draft is late*

For Monday, March 10
- prepare for a quiz on the remainder of "Medal of Honor"

For Friday, March 7 - prepare for quiz on chapters 15 + 16

For Tuesday, March 4
- Write a response to Chapters 12-14.

For Monday, March 3
- prepare for a quiz on Chapters 12-13.

For Thursday, February 28
- Read Chapters 10 + 11 in "Medal of Honor." Write a response, perhaps personal in nature, that uses evidence from the book or other sources.  Use the template I created for you (If you've turned a response to date).  In the address bar above delete "sportslit.html" (leaving the /). Then type in template/yourfirstname.htm (iana and ianc, respectively) Hit return and you should get your personalized template.  Print it out if you want.  You could also copy and paste it into a word document or bring it home on a thumb drive.

For Friday, February 15
- Read through Chapter 3 in "Medal of Honor." Be ready for a short quiz.

For Wednesday, February 13
- Read Chapters 1 + 2 in "Medal of Honor."  If you weren't in class you can pick up a copy of the book on Wednesday.

For Tuesday, February 12
- Read and respond to "Sins of a Father"

For Tuesday, February 5
- Read about beat reporting.  Write a reading response based on this reading.

For Monday, February 4
- Read the Introduction to the Sports Writers Handbook. Identify three interesting and/or challenging things about being a sports writer.  *Bonus* - if you watch the Super Bowl, identify your favorite commercial and be prepared to discuss why a sponsor should be willing to pay $2.7 million for 30 seconds of air time.

For Wednesday, January 30
- Using these notes and this exemplar, write a reading response to Deffner's piece on the Aud

For Monday, January 28
- Read Deffner's piece on the Barre Auditorium.  Be prepared to write a reading resposne in class.  We will review the expectations and create an example piece for you to refer to.

For Wednesday, January 23
- Find a recent piece of writing that you feel good about.  Be prepared to answer the following questions: What do you like about it? What do you feel makes it a good piece of writing?  What are the steps you went through to make sure it was a good piece of writing?

For Thursday, January 24 - Find a piece of writing that someone else wrote that you think is a good piece of writing.  Be prepared to answer the previous questions about this piece.